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Everything has an underside

Published 20 days ago • 1 min read

This week I've been thinking about what goes on underneath. Or in the background. Or in the wider world.

Here are this week's three picks to help you turn overthinking the underside into an upside:

  1. I've finally put into words something I've been mulling over for years — the problem with coaching and why I hate the word 'coach'
  2. For some mindful underthinking: is a stream of 700+ nature sounds from around the world. Check out their trending soundscapes to become more connected to the world around you (and what people in it are enjoying).
  3. I've seen many variations of the overthinking => write / underthinking => read meme, but this one is the simplest and most comprehensive:

Extra thought…

From the dark underbelly of coaching, to the ambient awareness of our social worlds — and the sounds of our natural one — there's a lot of dangers and delights out there.

What do you notice about that? What's useful? What's a distraction?

PS. I'm looking to work with two more people in the upcoming months! If you've been curious about coaching, why not book a free Discovery Call with me? Or if you might be interested my design, project, or editing expertise, reply here and we can chat about it.

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Hope you enjoy this as much as I do creating and sharing it!

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Hold That Thought, from Kim Witten, PhD

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