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Hello! It's Thursday again, so time to share three useful things to help you turn overthinking into expert thinking. Here are this week’s picks:

  1. One thing I love about being a multi-passionate creative is taking an idea from one area and seeing how I might quickly apply it to another. I did this recently by making a writing swatch

    How might you apply this concept to save valuable resources and build confidence in what you're working on?
  2. “A gift for your future self is something you do today that makes your life easier, or better, at some point in the future. It is something that our present self does, with our future self in mind.” Here is a nice list of ideas by Sarah from Zing Collaborative.

    What will you do for Future You?

  3. Whether you just want to cover your bases or create a more private world, this short guide from the Atlantic has three simple rules to help you manage privacy: Think concretely, share narrowly, and don't panic

    Which statements in the short list did you relate to the most?

Extra thought…

Last week I enjoyed sharing an bonus link for our brains to not think to hard about. With that in mind, here's a delightful media mash-up of good movies as old books

What did you find insightful, useful, or interesting here? I'd love to know.

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