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Hold That Thought

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Holding ideas lightly…

This week I've been exploring ideas around expectations. We have them, we haven't a clue, we seem to contradict ourselves.

Here are three things (loosely) on that theme to help turn overthinking into expert thinking…and action!

  1. “Perfectionism is the inability to let your expectations go.” – Good enough is just fine by Lawrence Yeo
  2. While researching The Problem With Coaching, I struggled to find a good reference for what you can expect a professional coaching session to look and feel like. So I wrote one.
  3. A Vent Diagram contains two statements that seem true yet also contradictory. Like actual vents, these are “tiny windows for building unity and power, emotional releases of stale binary thinking in order to open up a trickle of fresh ideas and air.” — by artist @onespacefor & teacher @eem.pdf

Extra thoughts…

I've been making little vent diagrams in my head ever since I discovered them. Sometimes it's simply noticing when I'm holding two opposing thoughts…“I'm full of ideas / I got nothing.” Or, “I can hyperfocus / I can't pick just one thing”. “I want to know / I shouldn't find out.” Overflowing shelves of books / clean, minimalist space. And on.

What about you? If you can spot any contradictory truths in your own thinking, how might you hold these lightly, and with more curiosity?


PS. This week's unthinking link is a silly classic, from a time when we sourced images rather than generated them: pointer pointer

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Kim Witten, PhD - Coach & Consultant

Hello! My name is Kim Witten and I’ve spent four decades overthinking absolutely everything. I’ve turned this ability into a super skill to get stuff done and now my mission is to help others do the same. Read more about my journey

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